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Offering professional excavation services since 1954


With over 30 years of heavy haul experience, Bougalis and Sons averages 500 loads per year and hauls year round.  Our company employs only qualified, Class A drivers with a minimum of 5 years of Commercial Driver's License experience.  We provide state certified escort drivers; this makes it possible for our company to tackle all aspects of your haul, assuring quality all around.


Heavy Haul Trucking Solutions

Bougalis and Sons has the ability to haul standard, oversized, and overweight loads nationwide.  Our fleet includes flatbed, dropdeck, and lowboy trailers with capabilities to haul freight weighing up to 70 ton.  We will obtain all permits, route approvals, escorts, etc., providing a seamless pre-haul process.  With proper planning, we will deliver your shipment not only safely, but cost effectively and on time.


Transportation Logistics

  • Permitting is performed completely in house assuring each haul complies with regulations and thus streamlining every phase of the process.

  • Recognizing the importance of safety in the industry, we focus on providing the public as well as our customers with a safe driver and a safe fleet.  Our primary focus is on safety, a vital piece to our success.

  • Bougalis and Sons' maintenance record stands above the rest.  With our skilled on-site mechanics, our trucks are up and running and ready for your freight.


Freight Types

  • Mining Equipment

  • Construction and Agricultural Equipment

  • Tanks and Trommels

  • Cranes

  • Structural Steel

  • Electrical Equipment

Heavy haul transport across the United States!

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